Counselling & Psychotherapy

What is counselling & psychotherapy?

So much about life can feel unexpected and whether is it the aftermath of a life event that comes out of the blue, or the fear of something that’s about to happen, therapy can provide a place for you to make sense of what is going on and begin to find ways to cope with feelings and emotions that can be overwhelming.

As an integrative therapist it is my belief that therapy is a place where you will receive an experience that is free of judgement or advice for how you should be dealing with things, somewhere you can feel safe enough to be vulnerable and say the things out loud that may currently only be said internally. The therapeutic process may offer you an increased self-awareness, empowerment for greater self-belief and the ability to trust your own instincts and opinions over those of others. 

While we move together into this post-pandemic era, I want to recognise the increased amount of mental health and life issues we are dealing with,

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Loss & Grief
  • Internal and external pressures

Talking therapy can be thought of as a way of working through these issues to lessen their impact and allow space for the potential for change.


The fee of £45-£65 per session is offered on a sliding scale in the hope that therapy remains affordable for those who wish to access it. I ask that you consider how much you are able and wish to pay within that scale, offering you some control in the cost of therapy. I can also offer some concessional rate sessions at £30 depending on individual circumstances.

Ways to access therapy

Face To Face Sessions

These take place in Thame where I have a fully air conditioned garden office that provides a comfortable and confidential space throughout the year. My location in High Wycombe is a room in a counselling charity building close to the centre of the town. It has easy access from transport links and a short walk from a car park.

Online Sessions

The pandemic has seen a rise in demand for online counselling, providing support to those who feel unable to travel and allowing people to widen the search for the therapist they would like to work with. Online sessions are held via Zoom which I feel offers a secure online experience as long as you can find a confidential space to talk from.

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